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On Hold

Development is currently on hold while we sort out a few legal things to do with the software purchase from the previous owner.

We have been advised by our lawywers to not make any further comments at this time. As soon as things are straightened out we will continue towards the release. At the end of the day we want to provide a quality product backed up with a quality service and will release when we are ready to offer that.

Watch this space..

Demo Release

ExoControl Version 3.0 is taking shape and the demo will be along within the next few days.

The new version is a complete rewrite of the previous version and is designed to operate within a new templating framework which allows you complete freedom to customize the look and feel without being limited to just header and footer files. In addition ExoControl 3.0 will run within the safer PHP environment of register_globals=off.

All of this has resulted in a lot of time being spent on the application and so its understandable that the exact release date is a movable target.

Version 3 Pricing Information

ExoControl Version 3.0 Pricing information:

Note: A demo of Version 3.0 is scheduled for release on 30th June 2005.

ExoControl is licensed per 'host' which is defined as a physical server box running one or more HLDS (or other) game server engines. There are three different types of license available. These are Owned, Leased and Hosted.

Owned License

Single host $250.00
5 hosts $400.00
10 hosts $700.00
25 hosts $1,400.00
50 hosts $2,500.00
Unlimited hosts $5,000.00

Leased License

Single host $25.00 Per month
5 hosts $40.00 Per month
10 hosts $70.00 Per month
25 hosts $140.00 Per month
50 hosts $250.00 Per month
Unlimited hosts $500.00 Per month

Single client login $90.00 Per year

Owned Licenses include 12 months of support / free upgrades. You may renew your license for an additional 12 months at 45% of the annual cost of the new license.

Rented Licenses include support / upgrades for as long as you are renting.

The hosted service is where we run ExoControl on one of our servers and includes support, plus upgrades which are automatically applied to your control panel.

ExoControl (formerly exoGameCtl) is a game server control panel which allows you to update your gameserver settings in REAL TIME right from the web. It currently has the following standard features...

  • Server Information
  • Server Control (stop, start, restart)
  • Kick / Temp Ban (5min) / Perm Ban
  • Configuration / Plug-In Configuration Editor
  • Change RCON Password
  • Pre-Defined Server Configurations (CAL, OGL)
  • Change/Update Rules
  • Change/Upload/Delete Maps
  • Change Map Rotation
  • Add/Remove Admins (AdminMod)
  • Auto-Create autoexec.cfg for players
  • Access Level Calculator
  • Execute RCON Commands
  • HLTV Configuration Editor
  • HLTV Recording Control
  • UNIX Shell access via the Web (Telnet & SSH)
  • Local & Remote file editing (via FTP)
  • Speed Tests (ping/traceroute & image download)
  • User/Password Protection
  • Public Server Information

    Version 2 came in two license types. Standalone which allowed you to control 1 gameserver (1 hlds) and an GSP Version which allowed you to control an unlimited amount of gameservers. The GSP Version includes the following extras...

  • Easy to use add/modify/remove server admin area
  • Public Server Listing
  • Server Easy Installation/Stop/Remove Scripts
  • Standalone Ping/Speed Test Scripts

    System Requirements

    Webserver Requirements
  • Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, or Solaris Operating System
        (will not run on Windows web servers yet, but WILL control windows gameservers)
  • Apache 1.3+
  • PHP 4.2+ (compiled with --enable-ftp, safe mode off)
  • Gameserver Requirements
  • Linux, FreeBSD
  • HLDS, HLDS or STEAM (CS 1.6)
  • Half-Life
  • Team Fortress Classic
  • Opposing Force
  • Counter-Strike
  • Day of Defeat
  • Natural Selection
  • Windows
  • HLDS, HLDS, or STEAM (CS 1.6)
  • Half-Life
  • Team Fortress Classic
  • Opposing Force
  • Counter-Strike
  • Day of Defeat
  • Natural Selection


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